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The biggest joys are hidden among the everyday. We make wine to celebrate them.

Uninterruptedly Family-Grown for 9 Generations.

We are an independent boutique wine producer, focused on unique, single and heritage vineyards throughout South Africa.

We are also the sole producer of wines from the Sutherland-Karoo region. Our company, Super Single Vineyards, was the pioneer to plant the first vineyards in this high altitude terroir and to have the appellation of “Sutherland-Karoo” declared. It is one of the highest vineyards in South Africa, at 1500m above sea level.

The operation is led by owner and winemaker Daniel de Waal, Diner’s Club Winemaker of the Year award winner.

Super Single Vineyards focuses on the production of handcrafted wines, from specially selected SINGLE vineyards throughout South Africa, as well as producing wines from the first-ever vineyards planted in the new, Sutherland-Karoo Region….BUT, what makes ours selected single vineyards, SUPER?

Once we identify these potential (super) single vineyards we start by tasting and analysing the block on a micro-scale, row by row; creating a ‘blueprint’ of the activity of the vine. We then decide which specific parts /parcels of that single vineyard stands out from the rest of the vineyard. We then produce experimental batches (over a vintage or two) from those individually selected parcels, executing the necessary canopy manipulations according to our (super) philosophy. Once we have reached the desired quality, we make it an official SUPER Single Vineyard.

“Super Single Vineyards focuses on the production of handcrafted wines from specially selected single vineyards throughout the Western Cape and the newly allocated Sutherland-Karoo region. Our pursuit for the finest fruit is never at an end.”
Daniël de Waal – Proprietor and Winemaker

Love & Respect for nature from generation to generation

Canettevallei Wine and Lavender Farm, dating back to 1682, is an old family farm that lies tucked away in the quiet valley of Stellenboschkloof on the “Ou Kaapse Hardepad”.

Surrounded by natural beauty, it is here where the De Waal family find their inspiration from and live out their creativity to the full.

The Winemaker.

Daniël de Waal

Danie is a 9th generation winemaker, the De Waals have been making wine for five generations on Canettevallei. Danie traveled all over the world making wine. Merlot has been Danie’s favourite since he started to make wine back in 1991. He has been passionate since he was introduced to the cultivar during his internship at Château Angélus in St Emilion under the watchful eye of Hubert de Boüard. After that Danie went to the very well known Antinori family in Tuscany to further his studies

The Vines.

The age of the vineyard provides a good balance for vegetative growth. If the balance is good in the vineyard, it makes the work in the cellar much easier.

It is important to break out leaves quite severely around the cabernet bunches. The idea is to maximize exposure to sunlight to ensure super ripe tannins.  By the time the perfume flavours are ready, the tannins are perfectly ripe as well.

Fruit will be brought to our cellar at optimum ripeness.

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Canettevallei Wine and Lavender Farm, Stellenboschkloof Road, Stellenboschkloof

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Canettevallei Lavender and farm shop - Laventelhaan

Monday – Saturdays 10:00 – 17:00

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