Canettevallei Lavender

We planted 3ha of the French lavender variety lavendin abrialis (lavandula angustifolia x lavandula latifolia) in 2005 to produce lavender essential oil. We grow our lavender using organic practices to ensure that our precious oil is 100% pure with no residues of any chemical sprays. Our lavender oil is obtained from the flowers only, through a steam distillation process. Harvesting is done by hand during the second week of January.

A portion of the lavender is also dried and sold as confetti. Our flowers are harvested at its peak for colour and fragrance. It is then carefully dried not to lose any colour or scent. The essential oil is held within each floret, so squeezing or rubbing the flowers between your fingers will release the sweet, soothing scent. Being an oil lavender variety, our dried flowers are very strong smelling and the fragrance is guaranteed to last for many years. All our products are crafted by hand on the farm, employing local help. We produce a range of little lavender filled pillows, sachets and hearts for shops, guesthouses and private clients.

We also supply fresh cut bunches of lavender flowers for weddings, events as well as to local shops.

All our products are available from the farm shop.


We have been cooking traditional Kaapse Moskonfyt on the farm for 15 years. Moskonfyt is a delicacy from the Cape Winelands, being made from grape juice during grape harvest season. On the farm Canettevallei, we still do it like it was done 300 years ago in the Cape, over open fires. Clean grape must is cooked in large pots over open fires until it is reduced to a thin, dark syrup with a typical sweet and sour taste with a definite taste of grapes. No sugar or preservatives are added to Kaapse Moskonfyt.

Enjoy this syrup drizzled over your croissant or hot buttered toast, blended into a vinaigrette, or as glaze over your gammon.

..and other farm produce, such as handmade artisan soaps, beautiful linen products , raw honeys and preserves.


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"There's a few things I've learned in life: always throw salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for good luck and fall in love whenever you can"

William Shakespeare